Ham Spot HS-736USB

 Buy Right Now On Ebay The Yaesu FT-736R remains a popular satellite ground station transceiver.  However some modern computer software is not compatible with the CAT interface on the FT-736R.  Ham Radio Deluxe, in particular, does not support the FT-736R.  Ham Radio Deluxe does support the Yaesu FT-847 which has similar features.  We can solve this incompatibility by programming a CAT interface to present a FT-847 to the PC and emulate the new commands not supported on the FT-736R.  

Features not present on the FT-736R are ignored.  Memory channels are not supported and the radio must be set to VFO, also satellite mode must be set to VFO, before enabling CAT control of the radio.  1240 MHz is mapped to 240 MHz because the FT-847 does not have 4 MHz digits.

This is an assembled version of what will be available as a kit capable of operating multiple Yaesu models.  

Version 2

  • 3D Printed Impact Resistant PETG Case
  • Includes fully assembled board with installation of the pre-programmed IC, soldering cables and DIN plug, and assembly into the case left for the customer.



  • Firmware is upgradable either by replacing the socketed chip or by unplugging and flashing new firmware on the existing chip.  
  • Firmware source code and binaries as well as Windows device drivers are included on a CD with the package.
  • This is a slight modification of the GPL v3 licensed interface designed by Chuck Jones, N6BIL.
  • The concept for this interface was developed by Dave Dowler, KA6BFB in 2010. He developed a proof of concept in software using VB and Windows.
  • Item appearance may vary from the photo.