HS-PWR-3 Panel Layout

Have you thought about converting an old ATX power supply into a bench supply?  Your options are usually limited to drilling holes in the case or buying an expensive conversion kit with binding posts that still doesn't look very nice.  What you really need is just a simple box to hide all the wires with a place to mount connections, right? 

The HS-PWR-3 includes the parts for a triple output connection to your ATX supply with selectable voltage coaxial power jack.  You can wire this any way you like but our suggestion is to wire 3.3V, 5V, and 12V to the banana jacks and tie each of those to the 3-position switch feeding your coaxial power jack.  Also included is a separate ground lug that works with most wrist straps.  Your ATX supply should be grounded to the electrical ground and you can wire this lug directly to the chassis ground.

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The HS-PWR-3 case is designed to fit standard size ATX power supply dimensions of 150mm × 86mm × 140 mm.  The top and bottom plates are interchangeable and can be flipped around either direction to accommodate different cooling arrangements.  There are T slots for screws (usable but not very durable) or you can use super glue (recommended and very strong) in the finger joints.  Perhaps a more flexible option is to use the T slots for the front and rear to allow servicing but glue the top, bottom, and sides for durability.

Included in Kit

  • 6 Laser cut MDF Panels
  • 1 On-Off Toggle Switch - Standby Power
  • 1 Red LED - Power Good Indicator
  • 1 DC Coaxial Power Jack Chassis Mount - DC Out
  • 4 Position Toggle Switch - Off, 3.3v, 5v, 12v selectable to DC Out
  • 3 Black 5 Way Binding Posts - Negative Terminal for each Bus
  • 1 Blue 5 Way Binding Post - 3.3v Terminal
  • 1 Red 5 Way Binding Post - 5v Terminal
  • 1 Yellow 5 Way Binding Post - 12v Terminal
  • 1 Green Chassis Banana Lug - Wrist Strap Connection Point
  • 10 Sets of 4-40 Screw and Nuts for switch mounting and front/rear panels.

Not Included in Kit

  • Superglue - for the top and side panels
  • Extra screws if you want to use screws instead of glue along side panels (not recommended)
  • ATX Power Supply