Universal Tower Accessory Shelf

At W9CRC, we needed a couple of rotor brackets.  One to hold a Yaesu G-5500 azimuth rotor and another for a thrust bearing.  In looking online I see that many people have been making homebrew adaptor plates to convert a Hy-Gain/Rohn style shelf to a Yaesu 85mm bolt pattern.  

Instead of bolt holes I have cut slots for 6 bolts centered directly on the mast.  You can see the geometry and layout in the CAD file.  The holes are big enough to fit both Hy-Gain and Yaesu rotors.  Since the slots had to extend into the keyhole I suggest (and will include) some large washers to place on both sides of the metal plate just for good measure.

I am working on having a number of these waterjet cut out of 0.1" galvanized steel and to have tabs folded in a break press.  Though I will have some available without the bent tabs.  The tabs are extra-long to accommodate smaller tower sizes.  The full size fits a Rohn 25G or similar. 

This CAD file is available in AutoCAD 2013 (dwg), AutoCAD 2013 (dxf) and STL files.  

If you have improvements or would like it converted to another CAD format contact me via Google+ or Facebook.

KLM Satellite Antenna Parts

STL and Inventor files for replacement driven element insulators on a KLM 2M-22C, KLM 435-40CX and similar antennas made from the mid 1980s to early 1990s.  3D Print this part in ABS with solid infill then drill holes for the screws where you need them.  Mast diameter is 1 inch and driven element diameter is 3/8 inch.  The overall dimensions are 3" x 1.5" x 0.625"

Thanks to Doug Keenan for printing out a couple of these for the W9CRC ham radio club!

KLM Insulator 3D printed

KLM Yagi Antenna Insulator by Augur on Sketchfab