Ham Spot Salvage: The Search for RF

Ham Spot Salvage: LCDs 40x2x2

I was perusing a local Goodwill and saw a beat up device with a large LCD display.  It was half-off the marked price at $2.50. So I decided it was worth a gamble to buy it and try to salvage the LCD screen.  

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Ham Spot Salvage: PCBs easy as 1 2 3


If you are building your own circuits you will eventually have need of a circuit board.  There are many of options to choose from.  Salvage is a good option if you are able to scavenge from good sources.  You can find breadboards, blank PCBs, discarded prototypes and production run boards at fleamarkets and auctions pretty easily.  It takes some time to understand what to look for, of course.  Here I look at some common types of salvage and a few options for new PCB design.  I will not cover CAD design or anything complex.  I will however touch briefly on blank PCB material and etching.  As always, I offer some storage and organization suggestions at the end.


Ham Spot Salvage: LCD for Free

There are many types of components you can salvage from items most people would have thrown away.  This can save you a considerable amount of money if applied appropriately.  You can easily fall into the trap of spending a hour to salvage a part when it would have been more cost effective to buy new or NOS.

I have provided some examples of which types of parts to scavenge and which parts to buy new.  As well as how to organize your parts while you are salvaging them.

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