Ham Spot Bits: Arduino Nano Onboard

In this segment I unbox my newly arrived Arduino Nano 3.0 from Gravitech.us and sort out a wire kit I purchased.  

After some experimenting with the Arduino Uno I decided it would be useful to have a breadboard mounted microcontroller.  I ran across several Arduino variations that mounted directly to a standard breadboard.  After some feature comparison I chose the Nano because its basically identical in features to the Uno I already have.  

Bonus Tips:  If you watch carefully you'll notice I am constantly putting my tools back where they belong as I work. A lesson learned with time. I have found that if I constantly put my tools back where they belong I don't have to think about where it is when I need it. I can blindly grab the tool and use it without disrupting my workflow.  Same goes for having too much trash and spare parts in your work area.  Keep it clean and its not distracting you from your tasks.