Ham Spot Salvage: LCDs 40x2x2

I was perusing a local Goodwill and saw a beat up device with a large LCD display.  It was half-off the marked price at $2.50. So I decided it was worth a gamble to buy it and try to salvage the LCD screen.  


I was able to find the datasheet for this display.  It is a 4004 type display; there are two 40 character wide by 2 row high displays one above the other.  They are labeled "top panel" and "bottom panel" in the datasheet.  The two panels share all of the I/O lines except for "top enable" and "bottom enable" lines for selecting the correct display for reading or writing.  It is a non-standard pinout best I can tell.  But the data input appears to be similar or identical to the usual Hitachi based displays.